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Reduce manual paper-based invoice processing and gain complete control of your AP process

Manual, paper-based invoice processing is a labor intensive, expensive and often a painful process. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Accounts Payable (AP) process automation solutions automates invoice management to speed cycle times and lower costs (up to 70% lower) so you can take back control of your AP process! With more visibility you’ll be able to avoid late payment penalties and advantage of potential early payment discounts.

Regardless of format, we can help you capture invoices electronically and delivers them to the appropriate people and systems for review, approval and coding. The automated invoice workflow minimizes the number of touches per transaction, eliminates the need to re-key information and route paperwork between departments.

Automated invoice processing benefits

Automated invoice workflow is the key to processing more invoices in a fraction of the time at a much lower cost. Our intelligent capture and automated workflow solution help organizations:

  • Adopt paperless AP processes
  • Reduce delays and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Streamline exception processing
  • Ensure consistent, controlled AP processes
  • Improve collaboration and communication between departments

How does automated invoice processing work?

Through our intelligent capture solutions, the need for manually keying header and/or line item level data is virtually eliminated. These solutions will automatically capture and classify the documents as they are received, regardless if they arrive via email, portal uploads, EDI, hardcopy or fax. After invoices and supporting documents are captured, on our automated invoice workflow solutions:

  • Automatically verifies purchase order lines with data from your ERP
  • Identifies exceptions and routes them for review and resolution
  • Electronically routes invoices to approvers based on configured rules and sends notifications
  • Posts confirmed data directly into the ERP or financial system

By eliminating the need for users to re-key information, you minimize the number of touches per transaction, reducing manual data entry while increasing AP process efficiency.

Onbase Accounts Payable

With more than 20 years of AP automation and processing solution experience, Computer SI Corporation is able to tailor a solution to meet your needs. Our solutions are designed to work the way you want to, not force you to work with an inflexible system that dictates your workflows and processes.

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