Application Development
& Integration

You work for a large entity with multiple systems providing core business functionality. While looking for new solutions or migrating from older systems to newer ones, you need to ensure business continuity and data integrity. Gaps in functionality and data can cause expensive and damaging loss of productivity, or worse. Tying your systems together and bringing all your data into central warehouses can be a daunting challenge.

Whether you need to build a system that can pull this data together or you need to make sure that the new system your developing is properly connected, Computer SI can implement a solution that is universally accessible and secure on any device.

Web application development and mobile application development not only reduce the cost of service support, they allow you to expand distribution channels, break away from archaic legacy systems and innovate faster. A single integrated platform has the ability to cover claims processing, workflow, reporting, policy and CRM. Ready to use integration components can bring your data together and connect applications a lot more safely and quickly than re-building everything from scratch without the appropriate platform tools.

Applications are the new preferred solutions

To prosper in the new digital landscape where consumer centricity is paramount, Computer SI’s project planning team will help you determine the best use of resources on developing custom integrations and solutions, vs. customizing available off-the-shelf software. Once you’ve decided on a best-in-class solution, our engineers, with proven programming expertise, will build a customized web application, system integration component, desktop app or mobile application and integrate your new application with your legacy systems. Connecting your in-house applications with your new content management or business process automation software enables better communication, data transparency and enables electronic workflows to replace manual processes.

Computer SI develops clean code that is easy to understand and extend. Our highly trained developers follow industry best practices for application development and write maintainable code that is easily transferred in-house for on-going development and maintenance. Your team will have the ability to update and maintain the new application with our team for continued development.

Computer SI provides testing and quality assurance for all features before they are deployed. In addition, we secure solutions for HIPPA and PCI Compliance if required. Upon completion, your staff will have a seamless integration of legacy systems and new applications for increased productivity and information sharing.