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Advanced Capture Technology

Simplify Document Ingestion and Capture from Salesforce

Documents can also be imported directly from the Salesforce interface without having to navigate to a separate application. Sales, marketing and field staff should be able to spend more time on core customer-facing functions and less time indexing, filing and searching for documents. By automatically mapping information directly from Salesforce field values to keywords in OnBase, users can easily import documents without additional indexing, and later search and retrieve relevant documents from the Salesforce screen regardless of how they were imported. You can also leverage advanced OnBase  capabilities to automatically extract data from forms and make them fully searchable via OCR and intelligent data extraction functions. Gathering digital signatures is also easy with OnBase’s multiple options for digital signatures.

Providing seamless access to all documents aligned to a customer or vendor record empowers staff to make better-informed decisions quicker, and to improve response times whenever issues arise. For example, when responding to a customer’s query, users can easily surface related documents alongside the data and activities that are tracked with Salesforce. This enables staff to respond more quickly, improving your customer relationships, and enabling excellent customer service.

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