Gain a Complete View of Information for Vendors and Customers

Gain a complete view…

Siloed information slows down business processes, especially if your staff is spending time searching for relevant documents instead of focusing on value-adding tasks. With the OnBase Integration for Salesforce, content is surfaced instantly alongside corresponding records, giving users a holistic view of all information aligned to a customer or vendor relationship.

For example, enabling access to vendor contracts and requests within the Salesforce record increases employees’ confidence in making informed business decisions. It also fosters trust and goodwill between you and your business partners by decreasing the time it takes for staff to respond to queries.
The Computer SI OnBase Integration for Salesforce also ensures that users are working with the latest and most up-to-date information. Whether staff is accessing the documents from Salesforce, OnBase, or other integrated systems like Microsoft Outlook, content is automatically updated to minimize information errors across platforms.

Automated retention options also ensure documents and content are purged when required, removing the burden from staff to ensure compliance with your organization’s retention and security policies.

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