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Reduce Audit and Regulations Challenges Using Intelligent Software

Regardless of your industry or type of organization, you must comply with laws and regulations. Complying with those local, state, and federal regulations and laws, can be time-consuming and complicated.

It’s not as if those regulations fall under one heading. Laws can delineate how businesses report their income and pay taxes or they can dictate the disposal of waste and excess materials. Regardless of the regulation, you can be assured that you will need to keep compliance records and that can put a drain on company resources.

If you produce a product or service – no matter how large or small your organization — advances in compliance management technology can streamline the process, ensuring greater accuracy, and saving valuable time.

How Smart Software Solutions Can Facilitate Audit and Compliance Tasks

There are many compliance management tools to help sort through complex compliance issues, allowing your team to analyze both structured and unstructured data in large volumes for a reduction in errors and more thorough auditing.

Manufacturing businesses, in fact, can benefit highly from enterprise content management (ECM) software. This type of software system can provide cost savings through a streamlined auditing process in addition to allowing secure access to critical records on an as-needed basis.

Your business can reap benefits from a tailored solution for records management. Help auditors and other staff manage documents by specifying how long the document is retained and how it’s disposed of at the end of useful life.

By employing the customizable options available through our customized OnBase ECM system, your documents can be deleted automatically based on an assigned expiration date — or get a final review and approval before deletion.

Plus, banking and financial services providers can use a tailored ECM software solution to manage requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance while managing the costs of that compliance for time and revenue savings.

Using ECM or Records Management for Cost Savings and Risk Management

There are numerous benefits to using leading-edge ECM and records management software to ensure your compliance with laws and regulations.

⦁ Instant updates providing rapid response to changing regulations.
⦁ Compliance changes are stored and communicated digitally.
⦁ A high-level compliance dashboard is provided for real-time risk reduction for compliance officers.
⦁ Management of stored documents is pre-defined to minimize risk.

Additionally, employing compliance management software to manage compliance tasks and oversee risk elements automatically can speed your business processes, free up key staff to focus on pertinent issues, and increase cost-savings when used over time.

If you’d like to take a look at how we can help you manage your risk management and audit compliance needs to help your business reduce liability, increase agility, and cut costs, contact us on our website or call 203/855-0101 to discuss the possibilities.

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