Healthcare Claims Processing and Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare providers face scaling challenges as their patient numbers grow. Digitizing patient files, optimizing appointment scheduling, billing and claims processing adds enormous amounts of back-office work that need to be automated.

Hospitals and healthcare providers are increasingly discovering that using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) streamlines the insurance claim process. Platforms like UiPath can automate repetitive tasks that are labor-intensive, error-prone and unrewarding, but are necessary.  A UiPath software robot can investigate a claim’s status on a payer/insurance company websites and update the healthcare company’s revenue cycle management (RCM) system with claim status data and notes. All without human intervention or errors. In the case of denials, it can automate the retrieval of related patient data from remote locations to provide additional medical necessity information. This allows RCM specialists to get claims paid faster.

Welcome to a New Way of Processing Claims

You’re likely already using a variety of systems and legacy apps to drive core processes. Digitizing the claims process is supposed to make things easier. However, you work with multiple payers and insurance companies when processing claims.

RPA can do the repetitive tasks and actions normally performed by a person interacting with digital systems to execute a business process. Unattended, RPA robots work with various external insurance portal systems, capturing claim status data and automatically updating your internal RCM system. They can interpret, trigger responses, communicate with and update all your legacy applications and systems (including RCM & HIM systems, EMRs, ERP, Helpdesk, and web-based portals).  Additionally using RPA means you can afford to make additional automated status updates to move forward with payment collection without increasing the labor cost per processed claim.

Getting Started with Claims Automation

Computer SI Corporation is a UiPath Partner that helps healthcare providers integrate RPA as part of an automated solution to improve payment turnaround times and costs. Get paid faster and improve the patient experience while spending less on claim processing. Reduce human error and drastically reduce processing times to extend automation across your healthcare organization.

UiPath combines a “Visio-style” process designer with an enterprise-class management platform that can be deployed locally or in the cloud to enable scalable claims processing for healthcare organizations of any size.

If you would like a  analysis to discover how RPA can improve the way you process health claims, contact us at Computer SI today.

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