Top Things to Consider When Selecting a Digital Transformation Business Partner

Are you looking to expand your digital transformation and business process improvement strategy? If so, working with a Digital Transformation Business Partner could be your best move. 

So, what is a digital transformation business partner? What are the benefits of working with them? And most importantly, what should you look for when choosing a partner? 

What is a Digital Transformation Business Partner? 

A digital transformation business partner specializes in implementing mission-critical software that can be customized to meet your unique business needs. They work with you to create a digital transformation strategy focused on improving business processes with the right mix of technology to help your organization achieve better outcomes and achieve its goals.  

Advantages of Working with a Digital Transformation Business Partner   

The right digital transformation partner will act as an advisor and should be completely invested in the success of your business. They are there to help ensure your business grows and thrives by enabling you to meet mission-critical priorities efficiently. 

Digital Transformation Business Partner Considerations 

When it comes to finding a  partner there are some specific qualities and criteria to look for in your search: 

  • Make sure their business goals align with yours
  • They are genuinely focused on providing excellent customer service and support
  • Have a pulse on evolving technology to address future needs 
  • Willingness to familiarize themselves with yourbusiness 
  • Demonstrate open communication and transparency 
  • Experienced in satisfying business needs like yours
  • Offer breadth of functionalities 
  • Efficient and accurate solution deployment 
  • Ability to integrate legacy applications and reduce/eliminate data silos 
  • Can provide solid client references 

Pitfalls to Avoid when Selecting a Digital Transformation Business Partner

Working with a large ECM & Intelligent Document Automation software firm or directly with the software developer doesn’t guarantee project implementation success. Below are some potential pitfalls to keep in mind when considering a partner: 

  • You may pay higher per-hour implementation rates and software support, as larger software companies have to cover their costs (more employees, more expenses, cost of travel, etc.). 
  • Larger software integration partners may add more people to your project at each phase of the implementation, like system architects, software engineers, and system integrators. The added levels of personnel can lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation of tasks, as well as additional overhead service costs required for the transfer of information.  
  • Ongoing support from larger partners will likely be performed by technical staff that were not involved with your initial deployment and they may not know your environment as deeply as a  more personalized software integration partner.  
  • Working with a larger software company often requires dealing with different support teams, with different troubleshooting skill sets. For example, initial calls are typically directed to support teams that lack experienced engineers with the skill set to troubleshoot more advanced issues, leading to extended downtimes for you.  

 In summary, smaller digital transformation partners are often more focused on your project implementation and dedicated to providing you with the best level of support with better response times to address your needs. 

Partnering with Computer SI for Successful Digital Transformation   

Computer SI has an expert team to help you improve your business processes and management. For over 37 years Computer SI Corporation has been a trusted advisor to our customers, applying real-world business experience and white-glove services to help achieve the best outcomes. Our technical staff averages over 20 years of application design, development, configuration, and integration experience.  

With our assistance, we can help you implement the latest technologies in content management and intelligent document processing for increased efficiency and accuracy.  

Contact us today for more information and to schedule an introductory meeting.