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Intelligent Document Processing

From automating banking and financial service applications, streamlining insurance claims, accelerating invoice payments and simplifying patient registration and records, Ephesoft Intelligent Document Processing allows our customers to put document capture technology to work and do business faster.

Accuracy is essential. Intelligent Document Processing incorporates supervised machine learning software that identifies types of documents and fields to be extracted based on user-provided examples. The browser-based login makes accessing those documents fast and effortless to reduce errors, improve workflow, and save you money.

Ephesoft Software

Easy Integration
The only document capture and extraction system that plays well with other applications and makes ERP, CRM, ECM and back-office programs document-capture-enabled.

Cost Saving
Complete more work in less time. Intelligent Document Processing removes the need for most manual data entry, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best and be more productive.

Improve Workflow
Improving business processes and workflow generates better accuracy, compliance and customer satisfaction. The document capture and extraction system streamlines processes and boosts productivity.

Accessible Anywhere
Access Ephesoft Transact anytime, anywhere through most browsers, whether the system is deployed locally or in the cloud. Both Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Azure have certified Ephesoft.

How It Works

Capture any type of document from any source

Identify and sort documents using machine learning.

Extract the metadata from documents.

Receive alerts on any errors or exceptions.

Your data is automatically sent to your ERP, CRM, RPA and other LOB applications.

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