Healthcare Services

Improve access to information across your healthcare organization so you can focus on delivering high quality patient care.

Computer SI helps drive improvements in patient care and service while reducing operational costs.

Accounts Payable

We provide invoice processing solutions that integrate with your accounting solution to improve information access, automate processes and eliminate compliance risk – all while extending the value of your existing systems.

Accounts Receivable

Combining data capture technologies with centralized content management software empowers the accounts receivable department to process and review critical documentation faster. improves process management and tracking, allowing managers to gain visibility into the entire accounts receivable cycle.

Paperless Patient Admission Registration

Eliminate paper, filing, copying and storage costs. Securely capture accurate and more complete patient information faster, support compliance and create a better patient registration experience.

Click here to read how we helped NYU Langone Medical Center’s enhance their patient experience with paperless registration >

Clinical Consents

Electronic clinical consents can be created and merged automatically with relevant patient data based on the procedure scheduled through their hospital information system. Well in advance of the patient’s arrival the electronic clinical consent form is programmatically created and prefilled by the digital solution, saving time for physicians, staff, and patients.

Read Case Study: Electronic Medical Clinical Consents for Healthcare


Streamline and provide a comprehensive view of gift processing. Reduce the time spent managing agreements to speed delivery of funding while lowering the cost per dollar raised.

Medical Records / Health Information Management

Allow clinicians and staff access to the content they need from within your EMR to support collaboration, simplify chart completion and minimize manual data entry while helping you meet compliance requirements.

Human Resources

Decrease the effort and expense of storing and retrieving employee files and increase security and compliance while elevating your service levels. Read more about our Human Resources solutions.


Automate rules-based approval, routing and escalation tasks to quickly create and securely manage contracts, accelerating reviews and approvals and supporting vendor relationships.

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