Custom Software and System Integration

Web application development and mobile application development not only reduce the cost of service support, they allow you to expand your organizational capabilities to break away from antiquated legacy systems and innovate faster. A single integrated digital platform has the ability to cover claims processing, workflow, reporting, policy and CRM. Ready to use integration components can bring your data together and connect applications more safely and quickly than re-building everything from scratch without the appropriate platform tools.

Web applications are the new preferred solutions

To prosper in the new digital landscape, Computer SI’s project planning team can help you determine the best use of resources on developing custom integrations and solutions, vs. customizing available off-the-shelf software. Our team will collaborate with you to decide on a best-in-class customized solution that can be built around web applications, system integration components, desktop app or mobile applications to integrate with your legacy systems to make data more actionable.

Connecting your in-house applications with a new content management and business process automation software will improve communications, data transparency and enable digital workflows to replace manual processes.

Upon completion, your staff will have a seamless integration of legacy systems and new applications that will allow employees to find, access and share data faster for increased productivity, greater control and improved processes that will contribute to the bottom line.

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