Intelligent Computer Assisted Redaction Solution for Privacy Protection

Virtually all industries are subject to regulatory requirements regarding the safekeeping of personally identifiable information (PII), as well as related audits. As a result, there are common problems that businesses face.Organizations need a solution that redacts and prevents the exposure of Personal Information (PII) on documents, for employees, customers and clients, to comply with regulations and audits.

Did you know?

  • 80 – 90% of business information exists on documents and not in structured databases 
  • Many of the documents that are required to conduct your business contain personal information
  • Penalties and Fines for PII non-compliance often range from thousands of dollars per incident to a loss of trust and business interruptions that could cumulatively cost millions of dollars per organization 

Personally identifiable information PII non-compliance is expensive

Improperly secured PII Personally Identifiable Information can lead to very expensive fines for non-compliance (e.g. $2,000 - $25,000 PER INCIDENT)along with mandatory disclosure policies to the affected.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar in your company?

  • The process we have in place for redacting information is ad-hoc, very manual and time-consuming, leading to backlogs of documents that require redaction.
  • There is very little visibility into the redaction process and the status of documents.
  • We do not have the resources required to locate and secure personally identifiable information for thousands or millions of existing documents or documents we receive.
  • Our documents are already stored in a document repository, we do not have the resources to redact content on existing documents.
  • We do not have a central enterprise content services solution (document repository). Our documents are stored as attachments within various systems.

This is where the Intelligent Computer Assisted Redaction Solution (ICARS) for Privacy Protection by Computer SI can be a strategic asset. With ICARS your documents are run through a process that will automatically identify information for redaction, regardless of where it is located within the documents or where the documents are currently stored and managed. ICARS expands document and data security by evaluating selected documents for sensitive information. 

With intelligent automated redaction, information can be detected and securely removed from image documents in a consistent and automated way. Every page of a document is evaluated for information that should be removed. Private or confidential information cannot be viewed on the redacted image documents and remains safe even when exported outside of your content management system for constituent access. 

Automated redaction software is a strategic investment that protects personal identifiable information and reduces costs

Better outcomes beyond just compliance:

  • Expedite Freedom of Information document requests
  • Free staff time with automated record requests allowing more time for staff to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Provides cost-effective, secure online options so sensitive information stays safe and only redacted copies of documents are presented to the public.
  • Leverage existing systems and applications to maximize IT investments so processes work more effectively and efficiently. 
  • Redactions are automated, approved, and permanently applied digitally

At Computer SI, we help your company remain PII compliant with cost-effective Intelligent Computer Assisted Redaction Solutions for privacy protection. We understand that handling sensitive data is a struggle for all organizations, including both private companies and government agencies managing delicate information. The process of redacting and securing private information is time-consuming. By automating this process, you can help your company remain PII compliant without draining budgetary dollars.

Contact us today to schedule a conversation to see how we can help you address your PII challenges and provide better compliance outcomes.