Intelligent Classification and Capture Software

Data entry is often time-consuming, monotonous work that can be prone to errors. Not only is your talented team better used for other tasks, any errors could prove to be devastating to your business.

With intelligent classification and capture software, data entry is automated and streamlined to help give your team the time and freedom to focus on other tasks that can add greater value to your organization.

With intelligent classification and capture software and automation working together, the possibilities for your business are endless.

Classify Documents

When documents are received, either digitally or on paper, the first task is to classify the document and ensure that it reaches the right people. The potential for error can make this relatively basic task a risk for your business. Instead, by capturing information from documents directly at the source, they can automatically be indexed and securely stored for access.

The potential to save time for team members is incredible. While a human employee may need a minute to read and classify a document that may not be relevant to them, capture software can quickly scan the document for important information and ensure it is classified and stored correctly, with no human input required.

Validate Data

The obvious challenge that could arise would be if there is an error in the data on the source document.

This is another area where document capture software can excel. As the software captures and analyzes the data, it also validates data against existing information. If the data appears to be incorrect, then the document can be flagged for manual review. If the data is correct, then the automated process can continue without human interaction.

Extract Metadata

One of the most exciting features of document capture software is the ability to actually analyze the document for important data, extract that data, validate it, and share it with relevant systems. This ability to pull important information from any type of document can eliminate the need for manual data entry and greatly reduce the time it takes to translate document data into usable data for the systems that your business already utilizes.

Of course, this also greatly reduces the occurrences of errors associated with manual data entry. Not only does your business save time when compared with manual entry, but there is also no need to spend even more time correcting errors that are discovered after the data has been entered.

Streamline Data Entry and Save Time

Let your team do what they do best and let automation take over the data entry. Learn more about capture software by contacting Computer SI today.

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