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Digitally Transform Your Processes from Countless Manual Steps

Laboratories traditionally have many manual steps requiring human intervention, from the initial requisition process through test reporting and claims processing.  By digitally transforming your business, or department, the manual steps can be eliminated, thus freeing up thousands of hours. 

The Benefits of RPA, Intelligent Capture and Business Process Automation

Additionally, laboratories and healthcare facilities are trying to process more tests than ever, as quickly as possible. Traditionally, the only way to meet these challenges was through the additional staff and /or overtime.  However, digitally transforming your processes with automation, by utilizing tireless, error free robots (Robotic Process Automation, RPA), Intelligent Capture, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and electronic workflows, your business or department will be able to accommodate dramatic volume increases while delivering results faster without adding staff. Your company will also: 

  • Improve accuracy and eliminate errors 
  • Save thousands of hours of time 
  • Be far more competitive 
  • Dramatically increase profitability 
  • Significantly lower the cost per claim 
  • Shorten the revenue cycle 
  • Fully enable your remote workforce 
  • … and more 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning, artificial intelligence, intelligent extraction, content services and business process automation are some of the key tools we leverage to enable your highly successful digital transformation. 

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