Human Resources

One of the most important assets that a business has is the people working within the business. Finding the right people, maintaining a strong team, and developing exceptional staff is an important key to success regardless of business size or industry. To do this, you must have the right tools in place to manage all aspects of the talent management process. Human Resource process management can increase efficiency and provide greater accessibility to important documents.


The recruitment process can be a costly and time-consuming task for any human resources department. For a single position, there could be hundreds of applicants that each require their own human resources file for managing application information, interview data, qualifications or certifications, and more.

Computer SI can help remove the painstaking manual tasks associated with recruiting and allow your human resources department to focus on finding the right candidates.

Employee File Management

In todays connected world, businesses are putting a lot of effort into ensuring the privacy and protection of customer data. However, that same protection for employee data is often lacking. Plus, maintaining paper employee files can also prove to be incredibly inefficient and prone to error.

With electronic employee file management, human resources staff have the capability to easily access employee files from any location, maintain detailed updates, monitor employee requests, and ensure the security of all employee information. This is especially important in businesses with multiple locations, remote human resources staff, or flexible office hours.

With automated alerts, human resources can also be notified when employee files are no longer compliant. This allows for faster discovery of potential issues and quick resolutions to ensure files are maintained to the best possible standards.

Don’t let paper employee files hold back your human resources team from doing their best work.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

First impressions matter. A poor onboarding experience can sour a new employee’s view of your organization and hamper long-term retention efforts. With an automated onboarding workflow, every employee onboarding experience can be a pleasant one.

More importantly, human resources can track important onboarding tasks to ensure that important information has been provided to new employees. This could include training activities, certification information, and any other onboarding activities that your organization has deemed important.

Offboarding is another equally important part of human resources. Human resource process automation can ensure that correct processes are followed and reduce major risks to your organization.

A Better Human Resources Experience

Give your human resources team the tools they need to recruit, onboard, and retain the incredible employees that will make a difference for your business. Contact Computer SI today to learn more.

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