ECM Tools and Content Services

Business content is growing at unprecedented rates. The need to instantly retrieve important documents such as contracts, vendor invoices, HR records, medical charts, and other content safely and securely is greater than ever. By using one of our ECM tools, like Hyland Software’s OnBase or Microsoft’s SharePoint, all of this information becomes easily accessible from anywhere, anytime. Our software solutions provide secured, immediate accessibility to documents that once were scattered throughout your organization in file cabinets, on top of someone’s desk or in a hard drive hosted by a niche application.

Customized ECM tools and solutions for your business

Our ECM experts will recommend the right software solution to automate your specific business process, all within your budget and time constraints. Regardless of your organization’s size, our solutions scale as your business grows. We will work with you to identify areas ripe for improvement and present an outline of your return on investment.

ECM Consulting

After working with your staff to evaluate your needs and review current business processes, our experts will recommend ways to streamline and automate those processes using our ECM and workflow solutions. We will present the plan to automate, store and secure your content. Our well-designed enterprise content management solutions allow your employees to find information in a fast, efficient and secure manner. In short, you’ll have the ability to access your content from any device, anywhere at any time.

Benefits of an ECM solution include:

  • Electronic storage for all important company documents
  • Secure backup and online management of documents
  • Browse, search and access documents from anywhere, instantly
  • Organize unstructured data
  • Implement process governance and regulatory compliance
  • Implement retention policies
  • Reduce dependence on paper, thus going green, reducing costs of paper storage, copier costs, FedEx and mailing costs
  • Feed documents through an automated business processes

ECM Implementation

After identifying the right software and processes, our ECM experts will implement your custom solution. We’ll install your content management system, train your staff, import legacy content and organize to convert physical records to electronic records through scanning and OCR. Once your team is trained and your data is imported your business will have a streamlined workflow that is sure to increase overall productivity.

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