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Computer SI Corporation was founded in 1985, with 2024 marking the 39th anniversary of successfully delivering business process automation solutions to our clients. “Many of our current customers have partnered with us for over 20 years, entrusting us with helping them redesign and automate the most complicated of their manual processes. Our employees, most of whom have advanced degrees in computer science, have been with CSI for over 20 years and are dedicated to delivering the best possible solutions at an affordable cost.

When our doors opened in 1985; Ronald Reagan was sworn in for his second term and Mikhail Gorbachev became the leader of the Communist Party in Russia. Madonna launched her first roadshow tour, and the wreck of the Titanic was located. The Dow Jones average was 1,546, and the average annual income in the USA was $22,100, while the average monthly apartment rental was $375/month. Michael Jordon was named NBA rookie of the year and Coca-Cola Company introduced “The New Coke” in April (6 months later they returned to the original formula due to consumers disliking the new taste).

1985 was also a year of significant technology advances; Microsoft released Windows 1.0, which ran on MSDOS, the first public mobile phone call was made in the UK by Ernie Wise. The “mobile phone” weighed in at nearly 11 pounds and required a large bag to carry. One of CSI’s developers was born in 1985 and weighed less than the first mobile phone. The original Apple Macintosh, with its 128k of memory, the Commodore 128, and the Sony Discman were all released in 1985. A 55 Megabyte hard disk drive cost $7,500 and was advertised as “Gigantic”. In the gaming space, the first Nintendo Entertainment System was delivered just in time for the Christmas holiday.

While hundreds of other companies have come and gone in the last 39 years, (Circuit City, Radio Shack, Novell, Pets.com, Blockbuster, and Compaq, just to name a few), Computer SI prevailed. 

Throughout the last 39 years, Computer SI’s primary mission statement has remained the same, to combine the finest technical expertise with a customer-focused approach to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, at the best possible price, utilizing intuitive business process automation software.

Our Methodology

Our formula for helping our clients achieve success is a simple one. We listen! Our business process experts delve deeply into the client’s current work methodologies without entering the discussion with preconceived solutions. We strive to appreciate the pain points and obstacles clients face in getting their work done and to understand their overall business goals and objectives. We look at the problem with fresh eyes and an open mind, using our many years of experience, formal training, and software expertise, to design a ‘better way’ to get the job done. After the discovery process is complete, our design documents become the architectural drawing and roadmap to building the solution. The effort is a collaboration between our experts and the customer, ensuring we deliver a solution that has a measurable Return on Investment and results in significant productivity gains for the client.”

We deliver and support quality, solutions-based software applications for Content and Case Management, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Document Processing, and Business Process Automation combined with custom software development. These integrated platforms allow our clients to convert and streamline costly manual, paper-based electronic records into actionable data. We have a coveted list of high-profile clients; NYU Langone Health, Omnicom Group, New York Life, The County of Westchester (NY), Benjamin Moore, Mutual of America Financial Group, Johnson & Johnson, Fujifilm, and dozens more of equal prominence.

We value working with innovative companies and hope you will consider us as your next business partner to help you identify the right solutions to maximize employee productivity and achieve your growth initiatives.

– Gerry Manna, President of Computer SI Corporation

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