Computer SI’s OnBase Integration for Salesforce

Connect any version* of OnBase to your Salesforce System

Salesforce is integral to managing your relationships and opportunities with customers and others, but Salesforce data is only part of the information your staff needs to make informed business decisions. As a result, staff often have to search for information elsewhere — including physical files located in file cabinets, email inboxes, or disorganized network drives. 

*OnBase versions 14 and up are supported

Computer SI’s OnBase Integration for Salesforce helps digitize your workplace

with industry-leading content management capabilities, providing instant access to critical managed documents and external business records, alongside the corresponding Salesforce records. Users can import, retrieve, and view electronic documents and content directly from their Salesforce screens. Scanned   forms and documents can also be submitted directly to OnBase via the seamless integration, which easily scales across departments and business processes, while checking all the necessary boxes for document security and retention. 


Related Documents

Access Related Documents and Content Directly from Salesforce

With Computer Si’s OnBase Integration for Salesforce, documents are centrally stored on one secure digital platform, which eliminates the need to manually search through disparate systems for relevant information as well as bypassing the need to pay for expensive cloud storage with Salesforcemore

Advanced Capture Technology

Empower your Sales Team and Field Staff with Advanced Capture Technologies

Documents can also be imported directly from the Salesforce interface without having to navigate to a separate application. Sales, marketing and field staff should be able to spend more time on core customer-facing functions and less time indexing, filing and searching for documents… more

Complete Vision

Gain a Complete View of Information for Vendors and Customers 

Siloed information slows down business processes, especially if your staff is spending time searching for relevant documents instead of focusing on value-adding tasks. With the OnBase Integration for Salesforce, content is surfaced instantly alongside corresponding records, giving users a holistic view… more

Familiar Interface

Simplify Integration Within a Familiar Interface

With our OnBase Integration for Salesforce, you strengthen business relationships by providing seamless access to critical documents and data. When staff is equipped with the content they need, when they need it, they can focus on highervalue tasks that drive growth — like providing excellent customer service, building relationshipsmore

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