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Helping media companies identify technology solutions that allow them to become more agile.

The world of media changes quickly. Advertising agencies and media companies continually adapt to meet the growing needs of their clients and help them reach the right audience. In some cases, the technology used by media companies is holding them back from achieving true digital transformation.

At Computer SI, we are helping media companies identify their technology needs and implement solutions that allow them to become more agile in the changing industry landscape.

Streamline Workflows for Greater Efficiency

The sales process for many media companies is full of several important steps. Having one step cause delays or confusion could cause you to waste time, lose clients, or fail to deliver on your service promises. All of these issues ultimately lead to poor efficiency and revenue constraints.

We work closely with you to examine your workflow, identify areas of improvement, look for automation opportunities, and ultimately help you deliver a better client experience. From the first prospecting call to bid and contract management, to media and buy processing to accounts payable, you can bring all areas of your business together and ensure each step continues on the efficiency of the previous steps.

With greater efficiency, you can reduce errors, reach more clients, and deliver on your promises more easily.

Share Information Between Teams Easily

In the media industry, there are a number of different departments or teams that are all involved in delivering an award-winning client experience and final product. If the information required by each team is incomplete or delayed, then they simply cannot do their job to the best of their abilities.

Whether it is monitoring bid and contract management for CRM purposes, sharing accurate order information for accounts payable, or delivering the right information to the creative teams so that they can create the next great campaign, there are countless benefits when organizations are able to effectively share data.

You can ensure that all teams see the right information and have access to it whenever, and wherever, they may need it.

Collaborate, Share, and Deliver

Your organization has an incredible team in place that is ready to create stunning content for your clients. However, if teams are not able to collaborate or share ideas easily, then they cannot be as effective, productive, or creative.

Modern media campaigns include many moving parts across several different mediums. Managing the content from the bid and contract management stage to the final delivery is not always a simple task. This can be made even harder by systems or technologies that do not work well together. Even media invoice processing or accounts payable can become a challenge if all teams are not aware of the status of a project.

Information silos or gaps in information sharing can prevent your team from doing what they do best. You want to be an industry leader, not a follower.

The Right Solution, Built for Your Organization

You have the right people in place but is your technology holding you back? A one-size-fits-all solution is not what you need. At Computer SI, we take a complete look at your business process from the bid and contract management stage to the final accounts payable steps like media invoice processing and look for opportunities to help you better deliver on your goals.

With customized recommendations for media document management, we implement the technology you need to become a more agile, more responsive, and more efficient business. Ultimately, your clients will be able to see the difference in the service and quality of work that you deliver on a consistent basis. Contact us today to learn more.

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