Helping the Government Overcome Privacy and Data Security Challenges with Intelligent Redaction

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Privacy protection for secured identifiable data requires compliance with laws that safeguard personally identifiable information, commonly known as PII. 

However, managing this legal obligation in the public sector at all levels (city, town, county, state, and federal) is a struggle for those working within these agencies. The government must provide access to specific information to its constituents. Yet, a portion of this data requires redaction.  

Therefore, with reduced staffing and an increase in governmental spending scrutiny, they need to find a cost-effective solution using intelligent privacy protection strategies. Intelligent Computer Assisted Redaction Solution (ICARS) is the answer to this long-standing problem. 

Better Outcomes Beyond Just PII Compliance 

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) compliance is a legal term used to define the regulations concerning transmitting and securely storing personal data. This information is kept secure because, if disclosed, it could cause harm to the individual to whom it pertains. 

Here are some ways privacy and data security can reduce costs associated with processing records requests with Intelligent Computer Assisted Redaction software for privacy protection: 

Expedite Freedom of Information Document Requests  

When an agency working within the public sector requests information, the confidential information must be redacted. This is a time-consuming process if done manually.  

Intelligent Redaction expands document and data security by evaluating selected records for sensitive information and redacting that data, making it easier for staff to submit information in compliance with the  Freedom of Information Act 

Frees Up Staff Hours for Higher-Value Tasks  

When redactions are done manually, the process takes up valuable working hours for staff charged with the task of redacting sensitive and secure data. With Intelligent Redaction software, you can free up these hours to allow your staff time to work on high-value projects. 

Provides Secure Options, so Sensitive Data Remains Safe 

Private or confidential data cannot be seen on redacted image documents. Therefore, this information remains secure even when exported outside of your content management system for constituent access. 

Leverage Existing Systems to Maximize Efficiency  

Intelligent Computer-Assisted Redaction software for privacy protection can be integrated into existing and often hard-to-extend systems; This integration will bring valuable data to every corner of your information database without risking privacy security. 

Maintain Information Privacy Within a Department or Agency

Personal data can be found across numerous documents that exist throughout an organization. This sensitive information may be accidentally shared within an agency through shared files, email attachments, and cloud-based storage platforms.  

Intelligent assisted redaction ensures that only those meant to see the data can access it. This technology can effectively reduce processing errors and secure data within a department or agency. 

Redactions are Automated Digitally 

With Intelligent Computer Assisted Redaction software, information can be detected and securely removed from image documents digitally. This redaction can occur invariably regardless of the information on the record. Every page of a record is evaluated for data that should be removed, eliminating the potential for human error.  

The Best Automated Redaction Solution for Government Agencies   

At Computer SI, we provide solutions to help your agency remain PII compliant with cost-effective Intelligent Computer Assisted Redaction Solution for privacy protection. We understand that handling sensitive data is a struggle for government agency employees, or those working within the public sector managing delicate information. The process of redacting and securing this information is time-consuming. By automating this process, you can help your agency remain PII compliant without draining budgetary dollars.