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Municipalities and other government organizations are increasingly required by Freedom of Information laws to provide access to public information and records.   Often, some of that information contains Personal Identifiable Information (PII) which must, by law, be protected from disclosure.  The challenge facing government is how to release “public need to know” information while at the same time protecting privacy, financial data, and other Personal Identifiable Information that might be contained in those same electronic files.   One alternative is to hire personnel to visually cull through the documents searching for PII and manually redact or “black out” the sensitive information before releasing it to the public.  This is time consuming, expensive, and prone to errors.  Accidentally releasing someone’s PII can cause a loss of public trust, invoke increased oversight, potential loss of funding and even civil and criminal penalties if intentional neglect is proven.

The other alternative is to use Computer SI’s Intelligent Computer Assisted Redacted Solution (ICARS) that will automatically and programmatically search through documents, identify, and redact PII, with minimal human interaction.

Join our webinar to learn more about solutions to the various information access challenges that public entities face today.