Business Process Automation and Workflow

Business Process Automation (BPA) will improve existing processes, increase productivity, and make working easier for your employees. BPA is a business automation process where your day-to-day operations are process mapped and put into a workflow system that is digitized thus creating a new process customized specifically for your business.

Improved business productivity and process visibility

Computer SI’s business process automation solutions help your business streamline every step of your business processes. We start by identifying the steps involved in your day-to-day operations. We then use process mapping and process simulation tools to evaluate an optimal workflow. We then create a digital process, with OnBase by Hyland, or SharePoint for your company’s paperwork, emails and other data which are routed through a customized workflow making on-time delivery a breeze! These solutions remove the inefficient manual steps in your current process and replace them with task automation.

Business process automation includes:

  • Manage leads from the website through fulfillment
  • Routing of contracts and other documents to the correct department
  • Sales opportunity management
  • Process modeling of your business workflow
  • Activity monitoring
  • Integration with your enterprise applications
  • Manage leads from the website through fulfillment

By digitizing your workflow, you gain the benefits of automation while having information at your fingertips. As an added benefit, BPA frees up your employees from repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing them to be more productive in areas where they thrive. Once paper-based and other tedious processes are streamlined and automated, your valuable employees can be tasked with actions that build value for the company.

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