Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms

Paper forms simply do not meet the needs and demands of people in today’s digital age. These old-fashioned forms are increasingly being replaced by better, more intuitive electronic forms that deliver a more positive experience for both clients and staff across all industries.

Businesses that adopt electronic forms can enjoy a wide range of benefits that allow them to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve service.

Slashing Costs and Cutting Waste

In a time when many people have smartphones and tablets, paper forms are a relic of the past that have outlived their expiration date. Modern businesses are adopting electronic forms for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for this adoption is the ability to lower costs and reduce waste.

A high-volume workload could eliminate the need for hundreds of printed pages every single day simply by adopting electronic forms. This is helpful for both the environment and any company’s bottom line. By cutting printing and paper usage, businesses can also reduce regular printer maintenance and printer supply orders.

Streamline Workflows and Improve Efficiency

One of the most inconvenient aspects of paper forms is not necessarily the actual signing of the form. The real challenge with paper forms comes after the form is complete.

There are two potential paths for this completed form to take: it will either be scanned and uploaded to a file manually, or it will be stored in a file room manually by a staff member. In both cases, team members have been utilized for mundane tasks that, when multiplied over hundred of forms for hundreds of people, could end up spending significant time filing and organizing paper forms.

Electronic forms, on the other hand, can greatly reduce the time needed for filing and organizing.

Once a form is complete, it can be sent directly to a dedicated digital storage file and also delivered to any parties who may need to follow up. Adopting electronic forms can almost entirely eliminate the need for manual organization – which allows staff to focus on tasks where they can make the most difference.

An Electronic Form for Every Need

One of the best reasons to adopt electronic forms is the flexibility and customization available to you. Forms can be customized to meet every need, updated instantly when required, and stored securely to protect customer data. As the business grows and changes, the forms can grow and change with it.

Computer SI works directly with businesses to create efficient workflow solutions that include the adoption of electronic forms.

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