Media and Advertising: Media Invoice Processing

Today’s complex media orders can turn into a nightmare for accounts receivable staff when they are required to manually generate invoices. Manual processing can be time consuming and prone to errors. Ultimately, the end result is a poor experience for the client and even more time required from accounts receivable when they are confronted with an issue.

Computer SI has a more effective way to approach media invoice processing that reduce time needed for invoice generation and reduces occurrence of errors.

Bringing Control and Consistency to Media Invoice Processing

Computer SI finds ways to automate and streamline media invoice processing to help businesses reduce inefficiencies, waste, and errors. With less time spent generating and handling invoices, accounts receivable staff can focus their time on tasks that require their skills rather than simply generating the next batch of invoices.

Utilizing faster invoice processing, customers can receive accurate invoices more quickly, which ultimately means faster turnaround for payment. With no errors, there will be no reason for payment to be delayed. This is the power of control and consistency.

Take Customer Satisfaction to the Next Level

For clients, there is nothing more unpleasant than receiving an incorrect invoice and having to go through the dispute resolution process. Even if the fix is quick and simple, the bad taste has already been left behind. However, with better media invoice processing, customer satisfaction can be greatly improved.

As businesses remove barriers, delays, and errors from their invoicing, customers will feel more confident to make their next big media buy.

Empower Your Team

If you have a talented team of accounts receivable staff, why waste their talents on generating and handling invoices manually? Allow them to build customer relationships, follow up on payments, and spend their time delivering better results for the organization.

Computer SI gives media businesses the power to enable team members to do their best work.

Customized Solutions for Complex Needs

Computer SI works closely with your business to identify opportunities for workflow improvements including automation of invoice processing. Our recommendations are uniquely suited to needs of your business.

Media invoice automation and processing does not have to be a point of frustration. Let Computer SI help you build the invoice processing platform that will help your business deliver an exceptional experience. Complete the form below today for a personalized review of your media document management and processes, or give us a call at (203) 855-0101.

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