Media and Advertising: Media and Buy Processing

Gone are the days of simply blasting the airwaves with a generic message, today’s advertising world is focused heavily on targeting, audiences, and placement. As a result, media buys have become more complex, very specific, and more difficult to input. Incorrect or delayed media buys can lead to a negative client experience.

Computer SI helps media and advertising businesses streamline their media and buy processing workflow to make it easy, intuitive, and flexible for the changing needs of clients.

Bring Together the Entire Team

When a media buy is complete, how are other teams brought into the process?

For many media companies, the media buy, the creative aspect, and the scheduling functions workflows require several different programs and several different departments. As a result, information does not move as quickly or efficiently as it should.

However, with a seamless workflow, all relevant teams will be kept abreast of the situation, so they can step in when needed. This eliminates the inefficiency and unnecessary cost of multiple programs to accomplish one goal which is delivering an exceptional client experience.

Remove Barriers for Clients and Team Members

Today, clients can order a pizza and watch the delivery driver go from the store to their home on a map. They expect the same level of convenience from all indusgtries. So, when they are forced to place a media buy order by phone or through emails, it can lead to wrong perceptions and unnecessary concerns.

Integrating online forms removes unnecessary barriers to the media buying process. It creates a more intuitive experience for clients, and it also ensures that the information is delivered correctly.

Programmatic media buying is just one example of how Computer SI helps media companies remove barriers for both clients and team members when it comes to media and buy processing. By streamlining and modernizing workflows, everyone will have more time to deliver a positive experience.

Centralized Information, Available Anywhere

Today, business isn’t just done from desktop computers. Busy media companies have employees and representatives on-the-go, connecting with clients whenever possible. Being able to access media buy information from any device is a must-have feature in today’s business world.

Computer SI can connect your employees and your clients with the most efficient and streamlined media document management solutions available. For more information on programmatic media buying, complete the form below today, or give us a call at (203) 855-0101.

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